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Altrincham Honey (WA14)

Altrincham Honey (WA14)

SKU: WA142023

Nestled near the picturesque Carrington Moss, our Altrincham apiary embraces the natural beauty of this wetland bog. The honey it produces is a delicate reflection of the diverse flora that graces the moss, creating a subtly nuanced flavor profile. Immerse yourself in the richness of Altrincham honey, where the bees gather nectar from a tapestry of plants, offering a unique and nuanced taste inspired by the vibrant ecosystem surrounding Carrington Moss.


Every jar holds 340g of unfiltered, raw, and 100% pure honey, untouched by pasteurization.


    This is local honey created by bees from our Altrincham apiary. Every batch will be unique and will taste of the flowers that our honey bees have visited in the WA14 area. Pure honey may crystalise at low temperatures, this can be reversed by gently warming.


    Local delivery is available within 6km of our office and is free with purchases above £50. Free collection is also available from our office at 2 Hampson Street, Sale, M33 3HJ.

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