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Urmston Honey (M41)

Urmston Honey (M41)

SKU: M412023

This award winning honey is from our Urmston apiary, set amongst allotments and surrounded by woodland. The Great Taste judges summed up the honey fabulously;


A delicately beautiful honey with many nuances of aroma and flavour, not only floral but also fruity - you can taste the allotment. Sweet acidity, buttery light caramel notes and a gentle lemon finish. This urban honey is full of nature.


This honey has a beautiful pale gold colour and intense fruity nose. It delivers a mouthwateringly juicy combination of fresh apples and hedgerow fruit, together with the perfume of apple blossom. This is an exquisite honey that takes the taster on an evocative journey. An utter delight.


An appealing clear colour. On the palate, a blast of apple followed by subtle blackberry. Subtly sweet with gentle fruity notes. Light and clean finish.


Wonderful blackberry aroma and one judge could smell 'allotment' - really lovely.. The flavour is of chamomile, peppermint and apple - so many fresh flavours going on and all combine beautifully together. This reminds us of an English Cottage garden in summer. Just wonderful.


Every jar holds 340g of unfiltered, raw, and 100% pure honey, untouched by pasteurization.


    This is local honey created by bees from our Urmston apiary. Every batch will be unique and will taste of the flowers that our honey bees have visited in the M41 area. Pure honey may crystalise at low temperatures, this can be reversed by gently warming.


    Local delivery is available within 6km of our office and is free with purchases above £50. Free collection is also available from our office at 2 Hampson Street, Sale, M33 3HJ.

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