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Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

Discover Manchester Honey Company

Raw & Pure Honey as the Bees Intended

Working With Nature

Our mission at Manchester Honey Co. is to look after bees in as natural way as possible. Our bees are not chemically treated or fed sugar syrup, so you can be confident that our honey is as pure as nature intended.

While this approach means that some weak colonies unfortunately die over winter from viral infections or starvation. In the longer term, we feel this natural selection ensures that we’re breeding healthier, more disease resistant bees.

We also believe that, for our colonies to survive and thrive, new queens must mate with multiple, healthy drones (male honeybees) with a large genetic diversity. We've chosen to allow all of our colonies to produce as many drones as they like. This unfortunately reduces the size of the honey harvest because male bees eat a lot and don’t contribute to foraging nectar, but we feel passionately that it strengthens the genetics of the local honeybee population.

At the start of Autumn, when it comes time to harvest the surplus honey, we are extremely careful to leave more than enough honey on each hive to ensure they get through the winter. When the honey is extracted from the honeycomb, it is not pasteurised or filtered, but simply passed through a fine sieve, to remove any large pieces of pollen. It is these beekeeping methods that we feel makes our honey as Raw and Pure as possible and quite possibly unlike any other honey you’ve ever tasted.

An open beehive with bees and frames visible

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